Toshiba Teases 2-In-1 DynaPad

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 15, 2015 07:13 PM EDT

Toshiba releases its new two-in-one DynaPad Windows 10 surface at the IFA. It will be made public during the Holiday Season with a US$1000-plus price tag.

The first version of the DynaPad was released by Toshiba way back 1993 when tablets were still fresh technology. Its newest version, the two-in-one DynaPad, runs with Windows 10 OS and is designed like many other tablets out in the market with a 12-inch screen, a keyboard dock, and a thin structure.

Though looking similar, Toshiba states that the DynaPad has its own unique characteristics like its specially-designed stylus. The Active Electrostatics TruPen designed by Wacom is capable of pressure levels up to 2000, which also has Edge and MS Office compatibilities.

Microsoft divulges that between the Wacom stylus and the metal mesh touchscreen sensor's interaction on the DynaPad, the new device was designed to feel like the user is writing on a piece of paper. With the stylus designed like a real pen, the new DynaPad was designed to feel like an actual notebook.

Toshiba states that its DynaPad feels more natural in comparison to other tablet devices out in the market, making note-taking easy when people are on the go. The device also lets the users record their notes with its 1920 x 1280 IPS screen fitted with dual layers of anti-glare and anti-reflection. Users would also worry about leaving dirty fingerprints all over the display because it also has dual coatings for its anti-fingerprint and anti-handprint features.

The new DynaPad is equipped with 4GB of internal memory and a 1.44GHz Atom chip. Although the Surface 4 is a bigger adversary when it comes down to performance, the DynaPad is the thinnest and the lightest two-in-one tablet out in the market as of the moment.

Toshiba says that the DynaPad is available by preorder in Japan and will cost around $1080 when converted. Word is not out yet when it will hit the retail stores, but it is expected to be seen during the Holiday Season.

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