Tesla Updates Car Software With Precise GPS Maps

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 15, 2015 10:03 PM EDT

Tesla Motors has made public its car software update 7.0 for precise GPS navigation. The update 7.0 is the carmaker's development in precision maps to push their name above all others in the autonomous cars category.

The Tesla Model S will have its option to be an autonomous car if ever their owners opt to update their car's navigational software. The version 7 update to Tesla's car program includes steering updates, precision GPS maps, changing lanes on freeways, collision avoidance and auto parking.

Owners who purchased the Model S with the car software installed will get updates for free, while for those who did not, the said update will cost them US$2500.

The autopilot experience could be very reflective for drivers, though Tesla has been testing this technology for years and has gotten a good grip on it. However, this kind of technology could creep out some drivers once they try it and they see that the car is driving by its own.

Tesla's navigational system is different than other autonomous car products out there in the market as Tesla's technology operates and learns as a group. It is like a network system where if the software of a specific car learns something new, other cars will be learning it as well, like group learning.

When driving a car with the software installed, information is gathered through its network and uploaded to the main server where data is gathered, analysed, and sent back to the cars software for live updates. It is a unique technology other autonomous car companies do not have.

Tesla's cars with autopilot system should improve week after week with the group leaning updates. Model S owners may probably feel the difference as weeks go by.

Tesla's precision maps are something to brag about. It is a critical element that stands up against other car rivals. The fleet gathers information from other cars, therefore providing a precise up-to-date GPS navigation.

To sum it all up, the autopilot software update 7.0 allows Tesla's cars to utilize its sensors, cameras and radars to change lanes and navigate through traffic. The car also slows down or speeds up in response to minimum and maximum speed limits.

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