Dfree Smart Pants Will Tell You When To Go To The Loo

By Denivee Noble , Oct 15, 2015 09:51 PM EDT

Technology has gone in leaps and bounds. From allowing smartphones to give its users for updates and notifications to notifying its users about their body with the use of their smartband. But, technology is not done yet since there is a new device that can tell you when you need to go to the loo. Introducing Dfree, your new smart pants device. 

The device, which is intended to be attached to the underwear, is manufactured by Japanese company Triple W. Dfree has originally been made for those who suffer fecal incontinence, mostly elderly people according to CNet. Given that the Japanese population is mostly made up of the elderly, the target seems to make sense. 

"This device predicts faecal excretion. The device goes on your stomach and uses ultrasonic waves to monitor your internal organs and sends the data to smartphones to be displayed," Triple W Japan's Solution Development's Ryohei Ochiai in a Reuters report said. The new device has been presented in the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies in Tokyo. Triple W is still looking for alternative ways to secure the device to the underwear, as users worry that it may chafe their skin.

The population of the elderly in the country is increasing, and by the year 2060, one in every two Japanese will be aged 65 and over. The elderly are a fitting target for the new device, as there are some who already need diapers, but are not ready to use them yet. Triple W has suggested that the device can work for babies as well, although they are not the primary target.

The device seems to be a handy one for its target market, as it can save them the embarrassment of, say, eating a bad curry for dinner. No specific date has been set for the device's release, but Huffington Post says that the Dfree may be available next year, around spring. 

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