FlyKly Debuts Smart Ped Electric Scooter

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 16, 2015 07:40 AM EDT

FlyKly publicly introduces the Smart Ped scooter. The vehicle is of the kick scooter variety with smartphone integration and its rear wheel powers up as the user kicks to surf the streets.

Kick scooters are on the rise in major cities in the United States like San Francisco and New York. With this idea, FlyKly introduces an electric-powered kick scooter with smartphone integration, and naming it the Smart Ped.

The Smart Ped has no throttle on its handlebars. As explained by Niko Klansek of FlyKly, the scooter's rear wheel's electric motor powers the vehicle and maintains its speed. Although oftentimes, users will have to kick once in a while if the scooter's speed slows down. The smart scooter has speeds up to 16 mph.

The Smart Ped electric scooter's contours are very simple. It is composed of a steel tube frame to support its rear wheels, a vertical pole, and handlebars.  The 16-inch wheels that come with it is made up of pneumatic tires that make it very comfortable to ride on smooth streets or rough pavements, besides the idea that riders will have to kick sometimes when they feel their ride is getting slower.

The scooter is also built in with a 250-watt motor to power it up, plus its 29.6-volt battery made of lithium ion located in its rear wheel. Beyond its propulsion, the sensors in its rear wheel record the scooter's speed.

The Smart Ped requires the attention of the riders not just to keep the vehicle's speed, but also to keep the riders engaged with the experience. It requires a boost kick every eight-or-so minutes to keep the motor powered, time enough to cover a few city blocks.

The scooter's charging time would take about 3 hours, but in return gives back up to 30 miles of range, more than enough for a rider to kick a scooter, and charging would only be needed to be done every once in a while.

FlyKly also includes a smartphone app to help manage the electric scooter. The Bitride app is available for Android and iOS users and can be paired with the Smart Ped via Bluetooth connectivity. The app is also like a navigational system, when paired, which helps riders manoeuvre through unknown streets or alleyways.

To make the product more popular, FlyKly had some help with Kickstarter to campaign the Smart Ped. After the campaign, the scooter's basic value will go up to US$1,199 and the premium version will be at US$1,299. The Smart Ped premium comes with a kickstand, lights, and folding points for portability.

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