The Google Play Store May Be Getting An Overhaul

The Google Play Store has faced several redesigns since the Gingerbread days of old to bring a fresh, new face in every major update that come to the dessert-themed operating system. While a facelift to an app store may not come off as intriguing, much more exciting, it does cleans and organizing things up by a notch to give it a more modern approach that's fitting in today's day and age. This is where the latest overhaul of the Google Play store is all about. That is, if images posted by a Google software engineer hold true.

Kirill Grouchnikov, one of Google's software engineers who has worked on the app for almost six years, has just posted a series of images that feature the new look of the Google Play Store via his Google+ page. It doesn't trail far from the current Google Play Store's aesthetics, but it does come off with a fresher vibe, smoother animations, and a cleaner layout.

The supposedly upcoming look of the Google Play Store will feature two main sections: Apps & Games on the left and Entertainment on the right to simplify the selections instead of having six different categories of the current app store which namely has Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand. Clicking on each section will yield further categories, and based on the images and reports, support for languages that read from right to left will also be available on the next update.

Unfortunately, the post on Google+ didn't make any mention of a possible release date for the update, but it most likely won't be too long based on Grouchnikov's #soon hashtag when he posted the images. There is, however, a cryptic #uhhnggngyeh hash tag that followed along the message, and that may mean a lot of things.  

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