Nintendo NX Claims To Be A Hybrid Game Console

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 19, 2015 07:07 PM EDT

Nintendo's Wii and Wii U have not been a big success compared to its rivals PlayStation and Xbox. The console developer has announced its heir to the 3DS which is the Nintendo NX, hoping to make up for the company's past miscalculations.

Despite the good games that Nintendo has developed, its consoles has not been a big name in the gaming world. The company also started making games on smartphones but has not been popular either. To satisfy the fans' hunger, the company divulged that they are making efforts in designing a new hybrid console called the NX.

The Nintendo NX will merge all of its countless talents to the console, which the company has missed over the past couple of generations. The NX will be made up of a home device with a portable device which can be unmounted when users go on the road.

Nintendo's Wii and Wii U have been the underdogs compared to their competition like Sony's PlayStation consoles and Microsoft's Xbox variety. This makes it a risk for game developers to align their products to Nintendo's consoles.

Nintendo plans to use state-of-the-art chips in the industry to be utilized for the NX. The company plans to match its competitors' capabilities as the PS4 and the Xbox One will be turning 3 years old next year.

Technology and gaming console analysts say that Nintendo will make its move to launch the NX early next year. The company's software development teams are out doing deals with big companies to ally its games to the NX console.

Square Enix recently publicized that its Dragon Quest series are coming to Nintendo's NX, and the company plans to share more of its games next year and are already in the works.

Merging games with Nintendo's consoles are huge risks to software game designers. Though the console developer has always been the trend with its platform innovations, the NX promises to make up for the company's silence in the game console industry.

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