Sony PlayStation 5 Rumours Are Spreading

By Paul Pajarillo , Oct 19, 2015 07:54 PM EDT

Reports have it that the PlayStation 5 is in the development stages under Sony's headquarters. With the technology that is already available in the market nowadays, it is not hard to imagine.

The gaming community thinks it is possible that one of these days, an Xbox 2 or PlayStation 5 may come out in the next two years. Although the PlayStation 4 has been doing well since its rollout, Sony hints that there are some deliberations going on for the next PlayStation and that the PS5 may feature some powerful specs.

Regardless of the latest PS4 one terabyte updates, speculations regarding the PS5 may be a whole lot different than its predecessors. Again, rumours have it that the PS5 may integrate Sony's VR headset along with other technologies and may come in with other uses besides being a game console.

Emmet Shear of Twitch recently shared that since smartphones are easily transformed to game consoles, ideas like the PS5 and Xbox 2 are at risk. The smartest way to put the consoles a match in the smartphone gaming industry is for them to have an alternative use besides gaming. A gaming console's lifecycle may last up to five years maximum, as technology always has a new development coming every year.

With this idea, Sony might change the form of its PS5 as well as Microsoft's Xbox 2 and both these consoles might take a few years before it debuts. Most likely, Microsoft will be integrating its HoloLens on the Xbox 2, as well as PS5 integrating with Project Morpheus.

With virtual reality games gaining popularity, Sony and Microsoft could be first trying out their VR techs before both move on to PS5 and Xbox 2. The HoloLens and the PlayStation VR are still new technologies out in the virtual reality gaming market making a name on their own.

With the technology that has been popping up in the gaming industry, it is possible that the console makers will be integrating VR games in their consoles. With the popularity of virtual technology, Sony has not made any confirmation regarding the PlayStation 5 and it will still remain a rumour until its official announcement.

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