Verizon Prepares Its 10-Inch Tablet For The Masses

Verizon's Ellipsis slates are no-frills devices designed to get the job done. They don't come with lofty price tags, and they feature 4G LTE connectivity and ample horsepower to keep everything running in tip top shape. If recent leaks are to be believed, Verizon is sizing up the Ellipsis family with a massive 10-inch display.

The latest leak from Evan Blass, also known as @evleaks, contain a series of press images of Verizon's would-be Ellipsis 10. It features both Verizon and Ellipsis branding with a 4G LTE connectivity thrown in with the bunch. There are no official announcements as of yet regarding the internals and specifications that went with the press images. But based on the images, the 10-inch Android tablet would be running Lollipop or Marshmallow.

Big Red first launched the Ellipsis line of slates back in 2013 with the Ellipsis 7 - a US$250 Android-tablet that features mid-ranged hardware during its time. Verizon then followed up with the Ellipsis 8, adding up an inch to the display while changing little else to its internals. Its unconnected, SIM-free version price remains the same, and it's still available through Verizon even today.

As for the release date, Big Red may launch the 10-inch slate early in November, if the release date of the early Ellipsis tablets is any indication. It will only be a few weeks away, so the wait for a cost-effective 10-inch tablet may not be too far off.

Apparently, Verizon thinks the addition of a 10-inch tablet to the Ellipsis family can be a cost-effective way for people to get a tablet with that screen size. Verizon currently offers the Ellipsis 8 for US$50 on a two-year contract, which would be more affordable as compared to other devices on sale. If Big Red would sell the Ellipsis 10 for $100 or twice the price they currently offer the Ellipsis 8, it would still be the most affordable 10-inches they sell.

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