Google Maps Now Shows Quick Stops Along Routes

Google Maps has become an essential over the years for people that are looking for directions to their destinations. However useful and informative it can be, the search engine giant's mapping service still has a lot of room for improvements that it basically comes with regular updates. Now, Google Maps on Android brings handy quick stops along the users route.

Android Police, a popular and reliable source of information for everything related to Android, has acquired a copy of the latest Google Maps app. Google Maps version 9.16 features quick stops along the users' routes whenever they are in Navigation Mode. It already features handy shortcuts for usual places like pit stops, gas stations, diners, coffee shops, and grocery stores, and if there's a need for more places or more options, there's a "Search for more places option" that can be ticked.

Users will be able to access the quick stop buttons simply by tapping on the Search icon located on the top right corner of the app. Afterwards,  the app will present a list of possible destinations, and selecting one will add it accordingly into the route Google Maps is already providing directions for.

Overall, the additional feature of adding quick stops along routes isn't really what anyone would consider new for navigation systems, but it still comes as a handy update to the now essential Google Maps. Google also takes it a step further by adding gas prices whenever users search for gas stations, giving them the option of selecting which station offers the cheapest gas along their destinations.

Currently, the update still isn't available from the Google Play Store, and there's still no word as to when it will roll out or if it will also be arriving to the iOS platform. However, those who are interested in taking the update for a spin can download the app straight from Android Police's website. 

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