Porsche Combines High Economy And Performance With Panamera S E-Hybrid

With the Mission E project that Porsche has conceptualized, the German carmaker introduces to the public its Panamera S E-Hybrid sports saloon car. Although equipped with a V6 engine, the car is battery-boosted with a supercharged parallel hybrid system containing electric motors and battery packs.

Last year, the plug-in car battery technology was new and fresh out of the box. Charging time between three to four hours max, it can give cars from 11 to 22 miles of stand-alone battery life. From then on, eco-friendly Panameras became an interesting topic for the Germans. Given that the car can go up to speeds of 84 miles per hour, the carmaker had the idea from turning the Panamera hybrid to an electric hybrid.

With the Panamera S electric hybrid, the carmaker claims that it has the best weight dissemination as compared to its variety because of its lithium ion battery structuring along with its strategically positioned electric motors. Undoubtedly, its structuring does not affect the driving pleasure Porsche enthusiasts get on its cars.

With its plug-in features, the car has 435 pounds of torque along with its 410 horsepower. A bit bulky looking compared to other Panameras, its electric motors can look very deceiving. This car can glide silently around all due to its battery power alone. A noiseless car it seems, a brisk kick of its engine can rev up the car from 0-60 mph in less than six seconds.

Although, it also has its downsides. The 3.0 V6 engine of the car is not the most pleasant sound when it roars. Also, its brakes lack the usual Panamera grip. Putting this aside, the way the car manipulates its electric motors with its supercharged engine along with its eight gears is very impressive compared to other electric sports hybrid cars in the market.

Driving the car for short distances will only use its battery life. There is no need to worry about its engine revving up fuel emissions as people drive the car for a few minutes. Although this car is quite expensive, it is fuel efficient as it only uses its engine if the battery is low.

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