Sony May Be Teasing PlayStation 1 And PlayStation 2 Backwards Compatibility For PlayStation 4

By Jan David Perianes , Oct 28, 2015 10:55 PM EDT

Sony's PlayStation 4 has been going at it with Microsoft's Xbox One. It has remained the same since the sixth generation of video games, and the competition between the two tech giants just keeps getting better and better. While Microsoft has its looming update to bring Windows 10 and backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, Sony on the other hand isn't keeping itself still as the Japanese multinational conglomerate has some serious plans for its latest gaming console. 

According to reports, Sony has already begun sending out surveys to a couple of PlayStation 4 owners. The survey contained questions about what their players want to see in an update. Some of the listed items are quite eye-catching - things such as PS1 Classics, PS2 Classics and Change PSN ID have been the biggest of them.  

Backwards compatibility has been a hot topic since console makers stopped supporting them when the seventh generation of gaming took place. Sony before allowed PlayStation 1 titles to be played on the PlayStation 2, and only limited PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 1 titles to be played on some PlayStation 3 versions.  

Shuhey Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios had recently answered a number of questions at Paris Games Week over on the PlayStation France Twitter account. When asked if Sony will be making PlayStation 3 titles backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4, Yoshida answered with a "No." But when asked about PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 Classics coming over to the PlayStation 4, Yoshida responded with a vague answer. "We have no news that we can announce about PS1 Classics or PS2 Classics" he said. 

It's difficult to determine whether Sony will be pushing what their surveys come up with. But with Microsoft's latest major update to the Xbox One just on the horizon, the PlayStation 4 would most likely follow up. 

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