Ring Smart Doorbell Partners With Kwikset Kevo To Secure Doors

Smart home security systems are on the rise as technology becomes abundantly available. With this in mind, Kwikset Kevo and Ring Doorbells partner up to secure homes via the front doors.

The company behind Kwikset Smart Lock systems publicized that with the Ring Video Doorbell, users can now access both security apps from the Ring app available on Android and iOS. This integration is supposedly made to make life easier for the users of Ring and Kevo while they access their devices in a remote fashion. However, they are not the only brands embracing this kind of functionality.

During the past few months, startup smart home security August has released its US$200 Wi-Fi enabled doorbell system, a US$230 Apple HomeKit-enabled smart lock system, and a stand-alone US$80 keypad as an optional device for people who would rather use it for punching pin codes rather than their smartphones. While the new August products have not hit the retail stores as of yet, all three items will be accessible from the same app.

People have been waiting for a comprehensive do-it-yourself security system for their front doors. Finally, a couple of options has popped out with the Ring and August security systems.

On the other hand, the Video Doorbell with the integration of the Kwikset smart locks have been quite a disappointment. Although the video doorbell has a 720p high-definition resolution, a night vision, and a motion sensor, there was a lag when it came to video feeds. Also, it lacked on-demand video streaming. The Kevo deadbolts, however, had a vulnerability issue that was exposed by a professional locksmith, as he was able to bypass the smart lock systems in a matter of seconds.

Although the original August Smart Lock system and the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt scored higher in terms of performance, Ring Doorbell has a lot of compatible products, like Lockstate smart locks, Schlage locks, and Wink Hub, which also falls under the Ring Plus app in addition to Kevo. These products make it accessible for users to access their smart home security services without exiting one app for the other.

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