Firefox Is Now Available For iOS Devices

Mozilla's Firefox has been widely available for desktops in desktop operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, and it also can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices. Also, Mozilla has spun a mobile operating system based on the browser itself, giving its users instantaneous access to web pages. However, it has been missing from another major platform, which is iOS due to Apple's software policy that it would need Mozilla to use the platform's default browser instead of the company's own. But finally, Mozilla has launched its Firefox for iOS devices after so long.

Similar to Firefox's Android counterpart, the browser on iOS brings a complete set of features that one would regularly use. Private Browsing Mode allows users to browse the Internet without recording it in their history, while pages that they bookmark will be saved. It also comes with intelligent predictive search entries as well as support for Firefox accounts, thereby giving its users ease of use and syncing abilities whenever they want to use their bookmarks, history, saved passwords and tabs.

Firefox has been available from the Google Play Store for years now. However, Apple's standards and restrictions regarding third-party web rendering engines prevented the company from releasing their browser for iOS devices. After performing a couple of localized tests in New Zealand, Firefox is now available and can be downloaded from the iTunes app store.

Mozilla will however have to compete with two of the major Internet browsers that have been available for the iOS platform for years now. After all, users in the platform have already been heavily invested in Apple's Safari and Google's Chrome that it would be difficult for them to use, much more switch to another Internet browser. But of course, Mozilla porting its browser to the iOS would mean great news to Firefox users on desktop as they can take the experience along with them now.

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