Apple CEO Tim Cook Tells Employees That The Company Is 'Open'

Racial discrimination still exists in the world today. As a matter of fact, tech giant Apple played a part in it after Apple Store employees in Australia asked a group of black teenagers to leave the store premises after concerns of theft. The conversation caught on tape had since hit viral attraction, leading a wave of apologies from the store's senior manager and from Apple itself.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook responded to the controversial matter that involved the company's employees and six black teenagers. BuzzFeed News had obtained an e-mail from Tim Cook, where the company's CEO weighed in on the issue and called it unacceptable.

"I'm sure you are all aware of the unacceptable incident which took place at our store at the Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia on Tuesday. A security guard asked several young men, who are students at a nearby school, to leave the store. In an attempt to address the situation, one of our store employees gave an answer which shocked many of us," said Cook in the email with the subject 'Apple is Open.'

The exchange between black students and Apple employees took place at the Highpoint Shopping Centre in Melbourne, Australia after a security staff saw them approaching the store. An Apple representative then curtly told the students to leave immediately because the security was "just worried" that they might steal something from the store. The filmed encounter was then posted on social media where it had gone viral.

Afterwards, a senior manager from the store had attempted to apologize to the students and to further investigate on the matter. However, Cook thinks that it was not enough, saying that while he believes that this was an isolated incident, Apple will use this occurrence as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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