Norman Reedus Wants Silent Hills Collaboration With Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima To Happen

Gamers and diehard fanatics of the Silent Hill franchise jumped for joy when Konami first released a teaser for a new project that brought together Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, Mexican film master Guillermo del Toro and Walking Dead star Norman Reedus for Silent Hills. The new title was first revealed via Konami's P.T., also known as Playable Teaser, for PlayStation 4. But the project fell apart, and fans are left with nothing but the Playable Teaser itself, if they have managed to keep it in their PS4's. However, the project may still have some light of hope left as Norman Reedus himself has faith that the trio will still collaborate at some point.

"I'm super bummed that that happened back in Japan," the actor tells IGN about Silent Hills' cancellation. "But I have faith. I have faith that we, the three of us, can do something else. There were so many ideas and cool future happenings being thrown around, I just can't see us not picking this up somewhere."

Guillermo del Toro also expressed his laments about the cancellation, even more so with the loss of the great and "very new" ideas in the project. It was also reported that Kojima and del Toro are collaborating with famed horror manga artist Junji Ito for Silent Hills.

Norman Reedus said that the internet buzz surrounding the project was so huge, and he had never seen anything like it. Fans of the project creators and the title itself have started a petition on to ask Konami to continue the project. As of the moment, the petition has received 189,334 supporters.

However, it remains unclear if there is a chance that an actual Silent Hills title is going to happen, as well as Kojima and del Toro's collaboration in the future. Whether it's in the form of a new IP or Konami reviving the project, it seems that Reedus still has faith that they will do something as 'it needs to happen.'

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