Apple Streamlines Repair And Troubleshooting Process With New iOS App

By Jan David Perianes , Nov 23, 2015 07:43 PM EST

Whenever there's a problem with an Apple device, or any devices in particular, it's always a call away with a technical support rep, a trip to the store or a shipment to the manufacturers for an RMA (return merchandise authorization) if worse comes to worst. However, it looks like Cupertino is about to make it easier for iOS users as it plans to launch a new app that streamline support with troubleshooting tips, as well as contacting them and repair options for several devices such as iPhones, iPads and other Apple devices.

If a series of screenshots provided by prolific Apple product leaker Sonny Dickson to uSwitch Tech holds true, Apple is about to launch an iOS app that can help users troubleshoot their Apple devices, provide solutions to the most common, prevalent issues, and repair options.

Based on the screenshots, the new app in development will allow users to talk with an advisor directly via chat, schedule a visit to the store, or help users send in their devices that needs handling or repairing. It will also offer a collection of documents and guides that will help users get the most out of their Apple devices. Furthermore, they can even purchase an insurance plan to secure their devices.

Reports say that the iOS app will most likely be linked to the user's Apple ID. Therefore, the devices they own will automatically be displayed within the new app so that they can have quick options that can solve the issues plaguing their devices.

Apple offers a centralized spot for users to have access to support documents and repair options will more than likely be a helpful feature for its massive user base that aren't familiar with Apple's online support offerings. Streamlining repair and support process, as well as troubleshooting tips, can take some workload off from both the user and in-store Apple employees.

There is still no launch date for Apple's purported support app, and it's still unclear if it will be a standalone feature or if it will be incorporated into the existing Apple Store app.

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