Rezvani Unleashes Its 700-HP Beast X

Ferris Rezvani already unveiled a 500-horsepower supercar known as the Beast. As the company thought there was still more potential from their creation, they decided to modify it even further, creating a 700-horsepower concept car known as the Beast X.

The Rezvani Beast 500 known as a supercar with minimal performance. It has a 500 horsepower on its turbo engine and body works composed of carbon fiber.

Ferris Rezvani thought that there was still more to extract from their supercar. So the company decided to make something even super out of the previous supercar. The outcome: a 700-horsepower supercar known as the Rezvani Beast X. The new concept car has a 200-horsepower gain from the previous version using a four-cylinder 2.0-L Honda engine. Also, this means that the new car is nearly as powerful as the Hellcat from Dodge, with only half of its cylinders to showcase.

In order to accomplish the 200-horsepower addition, the carmaker added a new intercooler and a pair of new turbochargers to the concept car's engine. The six-speed manual transmission is a standard but also have an available paddle shifters on its sequential gearbox. It comes with an upgraded chassis to handle the extra power output of the new car with a new adjustable 10-way suspension system. Moreover, the Beast X will still be using an Ariel Atom-based carbon fiber body work like its predecessor's chassis.

For the concept car's exterior, it gets revisions from front and rear facades, side wings and dual-rear spoilers to add downforce to keep the car on the ground. The aerodynamic elements incorporated in the new car will help cut the drag as it is sure enough to go from zero-to-60 at 2.5 seconds.

Also, the new car gained a 200-pound weight compared with the earlier version. Still, it weighs about 1,850 pounds that is not much for a 700-horsepower car to push.

The company does not consider the new concept car for mass production as it only plans to make five Rezvani Beast X supercars, with a price tag of $325,000 each. This also marks the company's X division that will focus on special projects related to personalization and motorsports, generally making extreme cars under the Rezvani name.

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