Geminoid F Appears At Beijing Tech Conference

A professor from the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Osaka University has created a life-like rubber-skinned robot that is unveiled at the Beijing World Robot Exhibition. The Geminoid F uses pneumatic actuators to act like a human with an almost-perfect AI that recognizes body language.

A huge number of fans have dubbed the female robot as the "world's sexiest robot." Known as Geminoid F, the robot has a face of a woman and has been designed to act like a human being.

Geminoid F stands at 5 feet 6 inches and is able to furrow her eyebrows, move her mouth and make eye movements. The robot appears like a lady in her 20s. It showcases long dark hair, and it can actually sing and talk, make eye-to-eye contact, smile, frown and recognize human body language. The robot can record voices and play it through its mouth with movements. On the other hand, the female robot has no capability to take steps -- making its owners take it around during the exhibitions.

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from the Intelligent Robotics Laboratory of Osaka University is the designer of Geminoid F. The current version of the female robot is priced at US$108,600. However, the professor hopes to design models superior to the current one in the near future.

According to the professor, they developed Geminoid F to tackle the mysteries of authoritative atmospheres coming from one person, along with the ideas of how one's presence can be transmitted, revived and captured. The robot has been designed in collaboration with Kokoro Company Ltd.

In making the female robot, Kokoro engineers worked closely on creating facial expressions for the robot that would not require too much pneumatic actuators. Ishiguro Laboratories, on the other hand, focused on making the Geminoid resemble like a real human being.

The goal of creating Geminoid F is a perfect AI system. The robot already had a movie earlier this year titled "Sayonara" and is likely to have a bright future in the movie and television industries.

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