UK Citizens Reluctant To Fight Climate Change

A research made by the London School of Economics and Political Science have found out that the citizens of the United Kingdom are reluctant to combat global warming. The UK public is only willing to commit funds that they would be spending on postal stamps.

A new study has found out that people from the United Kingdom are unwilling to pledge much of their own money in a fight against climate change. The researchers determined that specifically, respondents of the study is only willing to commit the same amount of money a person might spend on postal stamps.

Published just before the end of the Climate Change Conference in France was the case study. A few days before, the participants reached an official binding climate agreement.

Susana Mourato and Tanya O'Garra of the London School of Economics and Political Science conducted the study. Interview results with over 1000 adult UK citizens discussed how much are they willing to personally contribute in the battle against global warming in third-world countries is the center of the research.

The Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy published the case study results. The research disclosed that the respondents were willing to pay around US$29.37 more income tax annually toward developments that would support adaptation efforts in third-world countries to fight against climate change. The authors of the study pointed out that the sum of money indicated is almost the same amount that most UK citizens spend on postal stamps annually.

The World Bank believes that an estimate of US$30 is less than the US$100 to US$150 per capita necessary to help third-world countries adapting to climate change. It is therefore concluded by the authors of the case study that a belief in nature as the main source of global warming has a strong undesirable influence on overall participation.

In conclusion, many people believe that global warming is a result of an unknown natural cause, and this reason absolves them from working hard on helping others.

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