The Samsung HW-K950 Is A Revolutionary Soundbar That Features Dolby Atmos® Technology

By Jan David Perianes , Jan 04, 2016 02:01 AM EST

Samsung has been bullish in innovating home entertainment that it has gone to great lengths into improving the experience. Now, the South Korean tech giant has announced its new wave of audio products, including a groundbreaking new soundbar that features the famed Dolby Atmos® technology called the HW-K950, as well as a couple of upgrades to its Wireless Audio 360 line-up.

The Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar is the first soundbar speaker from the company that features the much-talked-about Dolby Atmos® technology. Not only that, but it also marks as an industry-first soundbar package that comes with two Dolby Atmos®-enabled wireless rear speakers to deliver surreal 5.1.4-channel sound.

The soundbar speaker at 2.1" high features a slim and sleek design that uses three forward-facing and two upward-facing speakers to deliver a full and rich sound that can fill up an entire room yet doesn't lose details to offer lifelike cinematic sounds.

Furthermore, the soundbar can also connect to the subwoofer and rear speaker units wirelessly, providing a more practical yet seamless connection in any living room. There's no more need for ceiling-fitted or high wall-mounted speakers for the moving, cinematic three-dimensional audio.

"Dolby Atmos® has received overwhelming support from major studios and continues to expand into other form factors, including the new Samsung HW-K950 Soundbar, which allows more consumers to bring an unrivaled sound experience into their homes," said Vice President of Dolby Laboratories Doug Darrow.

The Dolby Atmos® technology has been present in cinemas. It puts audio above viewers with either ceiling-mounted or upward-firing speakers. Samsung's new soundbar, however, features four upward-firing sound beams that are capable of bouncing off the ceiling to deliver surround sound in the living room.

There's no official price as of yet for the Samsung HW-K950 soundbar, but it's expected to be unveiled on the company's show floor at CES 2016.

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