Review Of Apple Watch At its One Year Anniversary

By Victor Thomson , Apr 27, 2016 01:43 AM EDT

On April 24, the Apple Watch has celebrated one year since it was launched. Many tech experts benefit of this opportunity to take a closer look at Apple's wearable gadget.

Most of the analysts agree that the first generation Apple Watch model had some shortcomings, but hopefully they will be fixed in the upcoming second generation. There were more versions of the first Apple Watch generation, including the stainless steel and gold options, as well as the Apple Watch Sport.

According to a review published online on the website, Apple announced watchOS 2 last year at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC). The updated operating system has been launched in September and Apple claimed that it will be a real game changer.

Apps for the Apple Watch could only stream from the iPhone paired with, prior to watchOS 2. Apps native on the Watch would finally be available to users with the new version of the OS.

The Apple Watch was supposed to become a smart gadget rather than just a terminal for the iPhone. However, without an iPhone around, Apple's wearable gadget still mainly has the same functions. It allows users to check the time, look at their pictures, track fitness and play music.

WatchOS 2 did not open up additional functions that users would find particularly useful. For instance, game apps are obviously not really playable on a watch screen. And among the native apps that work without an iPhone around, many of them are too slow to load.

One of the shortcomings of the Apple Watch is the lack of GPS function. But the main drawback is that there isn't a real use for the Apple Watch. The wearable gadget hasn't solved any real problem for its users and hasn't made their life better.

When the first generation of the Apple Watch came on the market, many potential customers thought that it would be best to wait for the second generation. Now, after celebrating a year since the device was launched, it's clear that a second generation model could come with many improvements.

According to Apple Insider, it is expected that Apple will announce the Apple Watch 2 at WWDC in June and launch it on the market by this fall. The wearable device may come with better connectivity, integrated cellular data, a faster next-gen custom chip and GPS function.

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