Google's Android TV Released For Apple's iOS

By Ashley McGuire , Apr 29, 2016 06:13 AM EDT

Google has released a new iOS application that enables using an iPad or iPhone to control an Android TV.

According to MacRumors, the migration of Google's app to iOS means that now the smart TV Google platform will be possible to be controlled by Apple mobile device owners in the same mode as their Android mobile-owning counterparts. This is possible as long as both iOS device and television share the same wireless network.

Google's iOS application features a D-pad in the center of the screen. The D-pad can be used for standard remote control operation. Users can also perform voice search or input text via Google Now. For many users, these both alternatives could be more convenient than using a standard remote handset to input to an onscreen keyboard. 

Users can link to an Android TV multiple remotes. This is useful for those owners of the Google iOS device who wish to also take part in multiplayer games, playing alongside gamers who use standard gamepad controllers. 

For some tech experts, it is surprising that Google decided to release an iOS app that allows iPad and iPhone owners to use a non-Android mobile device to control an Android TV. However, the idea might enjoy some popularity.

Technically, one does not really need a smartphone to control an Android TV. Many of these come already with at least a remote control or even a gamepad. But that makes an additional accessory one will have to hold and it might also get lost. Since a smartphone or iPhone is almost always in the user's hands, this might make a more convenient way to control the Android TV.

Lately, Google has been increasingly offering support for Apple's devices, according to Slash Gear. Before the Android TV app, Google has made available the Android Wear app for iOS as well. Those who want to download the Android TV app for iPhone and iPad can do so for free from the App Store.

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