A Much User-Friendly Google Map Can Be Keyboard-Controlled

By Logan , Apr 30, 2016 01:01 AM EDT

Google updates have been so much user-friendly. They cater the users' needs and wants. Updates have never been better these times. These improvements lead users to a better living and better lifestyle. In just a jiffy, they will be able to locate, contact and converse with their loved ones, friends and even acquaintances.

Say, if one is traveling, Google Map is so helpful when it comes to tying up with people, getting closer to the destinations where they want to be. If one is at home and is planning on a vacation or a trip with a friend, he/she can use the keyboard/desktop computer to control and navigate Google Maps. The steps are documented by Google, as reported by Search Engine Roundtable.

If you are using your high-end phones or tablets, there are new features in Google Map that makes it brilliant to use. Just imagine, because these new features, your friends' addresses, important places, even photo uploads easily show up. According to PC World, all of the new updates are found in Google Maps version 9.25.1. It can be downloaded as well from Google Play Store.

These updates are of great help to travelers. It is easily accessible and hassle-free. So, no matter where in the world the users are, these are just clicks away in tracing the destination they want, contacting their friends, getting people's addresses and looking for important and beautiful places to visit. In addition to this, they can also upload pictures that will make their visit to such places worthwhile.

So, to sum it up, if one is at home, one can use the desktop computer to navigate and control the Google Map. If one is somewhere else, he or she can use the application without any problem. Use it and stay connected! A friendly-user app indeed!

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