Video Consumption On Snapchat Has Reached More Than 10 Billion Views Per Day

By Victor Thomson , Apr 30, 2016 01:21 AM EDT

According to new reports, Snapchat video consumption has reached 10 billion videos every day.

This new figure is confirmed by Snapchat and reported by Bloomberg. That is up from 4 billion daily video views in May 2015, 6 billion daily video views in November 2015 and 8 billion video views in February this year, as reported earlier by TechCrunch.

According to the online publication, the explication for such huge number of daily views on Snapchat is that videos are snappy and short. More than a third of daily users of Snapchat create featured content called "Stories," broadcasting videos and photos from their life 24 hours.

Videos expand on the social media network's instantly disappearing photos. The majority of users of Snapchat Inc.'s app is creating videos, and the company is reporting to its investors that this is fueling a boom in watching them. However, it is still unclear how Snapchat is performing comparing to other video sharing platforms.

Facebook's most recent figure stands at 8 billion views a day, but this was reported back in 2015. YouTube is not sharing much info, stating only that it gets "billion of views" every day.

Some studies made in the United States have found that Snapchat is the most popular social media network among teens. As the platform expands its video features, it is expected that video consumption on Snapchat will continue to rise further.

Rather than being focused on users consuming video content, Snapchat app is focused on serving people who create and broadcast content. Even the first screen of the Snapchat application is a camera, prompting users to share what they are doing or seeing.

Snapchat users can choose to post their snap to their Story, where it can be viewed 24 hours by a broader audience, or to send their snap directly to friends, where it disappears after it is watched.

That design of the Snapchat app gives the company an edge in a video platform market where Facebook Inc. is building a business quickly. This year, the social networking leader started making live video a priority, encouraging its users to create and share their experiences in the news feed. Facebook has also announced that it may start paying for live content.

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