Nissan Vehicles Recalled Due To Malfunctioning Airbags

By Logan , Apr 30, 2016 05:12 AM EDT

Automotive giant company Nissan is recalling a number of its automotive units.

As reported in the New York Times, Nissan is recalling 3.5 million vehicles due to airbag problems. Nissan is aware that there were only a few incidents of crashes and the airbags did not deploy properly. With only a few of these, the company has decided to recall units for safety purposes.

CBS News reported that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration showed that there were 1,200 complaints about the sensor only, and approximately 3,300 warranty claims. Nissan group also stated that it is gearing toward the safety of the customers and the company's quality products, that is why they are fixing the problem.

The list of all the vehicles affected by the recall is listed here. It was also reported that the planned fixing and remedy may vary by vehicles. It will deal software programming and hardware replacement of the unit.

A point to consider by the customers: check vehicle before, during and after the ride. Nobody is responsible for one's life when he/she driving but himself/herself.

Imminent dangers are always there, so careful driving is needed from every driver there is. No one takes care of the driver when they are driving but themselves.

On the part of the manufacturers, careful planning, analyzing, manufacturing, testing and re-testing must be the protocol. Business is wholesomely good when both parties benefit from it. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure proper customer safety of the vehicles.

Now that the company statistically knows the glitches of the units, it surely will go back to the drawing board and to carefully plan things out for the betterment of itself and the customer. Check on the quality of the vehicles and make sure that no same problem will ever happen again.

To the customers: Take care of one's self. To the manufacturers: check on proper safety protocols for the units.

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