Why Google 'Now On Tap' Is A Hidden Gem In The Android App Realm

By Alvin Elfwine , May 02, 2016 12:38 AM EDT

With every Android update and release, new improvements and fixes arrive -- from adding new features to making the phone more secured than it was before. And while most, if not all, of these Android apps are useful in one way or another, users are simply not aware of them (or, if they are, they do not fully understand the features). True enough, Google 'Now on Tap' is among these gems.

The said app made its debut during an Android Marshmallow update. Google 'Now on Tap' provides users with additional key information about anything and what they are doing. From listening songs to texting to reading books and/or news, all of these in one single tap.

Unfortunately, as what Mashable explains, Google 'Now on Tap' is among the many new Android features that are not immediately visible to the users' eyes. Hence, they miss out some amazing features.

The said Android app is basically the Google search engine in the users' list of applications. When they are inside it, they can just simply press and hold the Android app's home button. From there, the app will start looking for related information, which will be displayed as cards.

The catch, however, is that Google 'Now on Tap' is still a work in progress in the Android realm. It can sometimes be thorough and efficient in providing information, but it is also bound to fail in picking the right content.

One key function of this new Android app is its ability to ferret out song lyrics directly from any music apps, only it requires few on-screen taps, as reported by Android Police. Users just have to open their desired Android music application, then activate 'Now on Tap' using the gesture feature or the home button.

Google 'Now on Tap' will then present relative information about the songs, albums and artists -- or to whatsoever is applicable. And for the lyrics to appear, users just need to look at the integrated links that are found on the home ribbon. When clicked, it will open a browser in which the lyrics will be displayed.

The Android app Google Now on Tap is surely a promising tool to have. But of course, users need to utilize it accordingly, as the app itself has yet to reach a full bloom.

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