Apple Watch Just Got Windows 95

By Victor Thomson , May 02, 2016 12:20 AM EDT

A developer got the idea to install Windows 95 on an Apple Watch so that all those fans of the old Microsoft operating system can enjoy experiencing it again on Apple's wearable gadget.

According to The Verge, developer Nick Lee announced in a blog post that Windows 95 can run on an Apple Watch. He also posted a video on YouTube showing how Windows 95 looks like on Apple's device. The old operating system is functional but slow.

It makes sense that the Apple Watch should be capable to run Windows 95 since the wearable gadget's specs are well above those of a typical computer running Microsoft's old OS. The Apple Watch comes with 8GB of storage. It features a 520 MHz processor and 512MB of RAM -- specs that are well above the original minimum specs Microsoft recommended for Windows 95.

However, there are quite a few challenges to install Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. Among them are including the fact that the Apple has not vetted the app and it does not provide a way to install new operating systems on its wearable tech.

According to the same publication, in order to get Windows 95 running, Lee modified Apple's development software. A loophole within the WatchKit SDK allows developers to run their own code rather than Apple's. This way, Lee was able to emulate an environment for the Microsoft operating system to run on and to finally turn Windows 95 into a Watch app.

Another issue Lee also had to deal with is the fact that the Apple Watch's screen is programmed to turn off when it is not in use. In order to prevent the watch's screen from falling asleep, the developer set up a device that constantly turns the Watch's crown every few seconds.

According to Digital Trends, Tenigi Insights' Nick Lee is the same developer who gained notoriety in 2010 for sneaking onto the App Store a flashlight app with a hidden tethering feature. After the press publicized his efforts, Apple discovered Lee's handiwork and removed the app just after a few days of sticking it to mobile phone carriers.

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