BMW Debuts 'SOS Call System' For Motorcycles

By Logan , May 04, 2016 03:12 AM EDT

Motorcycle riders out there especially in Germany will definitely rejoice when the so called "Intelligent Emergency Call System be implemented for them. The "SOS" call system is to debut as the BMW introduces it to the market. This system automatically detects any road incidents or crashes incurred by the motorists, specifically riding motorcycles.

According to a post via The Verge, the Intelligent Emergency Call System uses GPS to trace the motorcycle and signals the BMW call center. That means if a motorbike with this emergency feature crashes or creates huge impact, sensors detect the impact and automatically send signals to the main system, enabling the latter to call and respond for help.

In addition, since the sensor is built for sensing impact, it can also be manually operated by the driver; hence, if there is no necessity to call for help but the sensor is triggered, the driver can cancel the help by pressing the "eCall" button or by just turning the ignition off. Moreover, signal can also be manually operated. Say for example, if the driver witnesses another road accident, he can trigger the "SOS" button to call for immediate assistance. Riders can trigger the system to help out other road users in distress. It signals alarm to the BMW call center. The exact scenarios for the driver to use the alarm can be read here.

The alarm system has long been introduced to the car owners. This time, it is equally satisfying for the motor riders if they are able to benefit from this system. According to Tech Times, BMW Intelligent Emergency Call System is well calibrated in such a way that no false alarms are in store. This system will only be launched in European countries particularly in Germany during the beginning of 2017. It will still take time for it to reach the American motors.

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