Google Slides Q&A Launched For User Convenience

By Logan , May 04, 2016 11:36 PM EDT

Imagine if a group of people converges and makes the talk interesting. What if they have further questions about the topic? What if the subject of the meeting stirs the inquisitive abilities of the attendees? How could they contain the questions? Will they just let themselves keep hanging all the time? Well, one can listen and ask questions at the same time while attending a meeting. If the audience is really fond of questioning while the talk is ongoing, a certain application can help them further the topic.

According to a post via TNW, Google introduces its new service for its Slides. It is called Slides Q&A. The application feature helps the users ask the moderators questions without interrupting the talk. That means the audience is connected to a dedicated link within the area of coverage; hence, they can access the page and ask questions by typing in their queries. These questions then appear in the moderator's screen. The process makes the meeting smoothly done. The moderator will be free from any distraction, and if there are questions, he/she just acknowledges them through the screen. In addition, the audience can vote for their favorite questions.

Based from a post via Techcrunch, Slides Q&A is already globally out. Moreover, Google also stated that the new feature, Slides Q&A, is recently tested in a presentation. It was a talk in front of a 200 middle grade students. The process generated about 170 questions. The typical question and answer portion is done every after presentation. However, not all in the audience likes to stand up, hold the microphone and ask the questions. Since most of the audience probably has access to a laptop or Smartphone, then this feature is surely of great help to them. So, if there will be a talk or a meeting, this feature best assist both parties to have a smoothly done talk.

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