Microsoft Wants Upgraded SharePoint To Compete With Slack, Dropbox In Mobile Era

By Chandan Das , May 09, 2016 10:46 AM EDT

In the face of intensifying competition from Slack, Dropbox and Box, Microsoft is overhauling its own SharePoint software, which has been used by business for nearly 15 years to manage content, build intranet sites and organize documents.

However, despite boasting of 190 million users, SharePoint is yet to completely get used to the mobile era. Now, the Redmond tech titan has decided to patch up the software by introducing Windows 10 Mobile, iOS and Android apps, The Verge reported.

While the iOS app is scheduled to arrive on SharePoint by June end, the Windows 10 Mobile and Android versions of the software are expected to roll out later this year. According to Microsoft, all these SharePoint mobile apps are meant to make SharePoint further accessible on the move, thereby enabling users to access corporate intranet sites, content and other things.

Together with the new mobile apps, the Redmond tech titan is also offering access to SharePoint Online document libraries in OneDrive mobile apps as well as the competence to copy from OneDrive to SharePoint. While all these enhancements would make SharePoint much more useful, Microsoft also plans to bring into line SharePoint Online documents with the latest OneDrive sync client by the end of 2016.

The company also hopes to incorporate SharePoint sites with Office 365 Groups soon. In fact, the new Flow service launched by Microsoft that allows users to automate tasks will also be incorporated into SharePoint by the end of 2016.

The Redmond tech titan also has other plans up its sleeve, as it intends to release an OneDrive Universal Windows app by the end of June 2016. However, the initial beta versions do not incorporate the accepted placeholders feature, which Microsoft removed from Windows 10. As of now, it is not clear whether or not the final or any future version will reintroduce this experience, Fortune reported.

The objective is to prioritize communications, sorting out the important from the inconsequential. While this is a wonderful idea, the execution of the plan is of utmost importance. In fact, Microsoft has already tried several other tools, such as Clutter, a programmed means to distinguish and separate trivial e-mail from the remaining ones. Some people have found Clutter more disturbing compared to the spam it was meant to reduce.

Recently, Dropbox revealed that it will introduce placeholders to allow users save hard drive space while they are synchronizing cloud content with the service.

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