iOS 10 Review: What's New, HomeKit Updates And Features

By Catherin Lue , May 10, 2016 09:04 AM EDT

Apple is constantly introducing new technologies not limited to phones and computers. The company is now showcasing its take on a HomeKit app, which could well work with all household devices.

Engadget reports on what the IT giant is adding into the HomeKit mix, and that this app would be bundled together with the company's next iOS (iOS 10) release. Instead of having to work with varied third-party apps to synchronize control over the stuff in your household, the HomeKit platform allows its users to control home appliances, lighting and even security.

With the rising Internet of Things concept motivating these companies nowadays, a totally functional HomeKit app could further give Apple that competitive edge over Microsoft and Google. Last year, Apple reportedly banked on patent rights already to showcase what the HomeKit app icon is expected to look like.

Considerably the iPad and iPhone's milestone software version, Apple's iOS 10 is set to launch next month at the company's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) says Tech Radar. The iOS 10's announcement would be announced together with new features for Siri as well as Apple Music. Apple's senior vice president for software engineering Craig Federighi would be leading the launch.

According to an Apple developer post, with the HomeKit app in line to gain access in and out of the household, the company's developers are gearing toward a rising interest on a programmable switch that allows iOS users to remotely enable a function via a press of a button.

A simple, yet clear example of how the programmable button works with iOS-compatible devices is that of household lighting control. With just a click of a button, users can trigger the event and let iOS do its magic. One more nice thing about it is that the programmable switch and still others of Apple's additional accessories are already available in the company's upgraded HomeKit Accessory Simulator version.

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