WhatsApp Is Coming To Desktop On Mac And Windows

By Victor Thomson , May 12, 2016 04:30 AM EDT

Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp has launched a desktop version for Mac and Windows.

The Verge reports that around 16 months after Facebook made its messaging service WhatsApp available on the web, now the application is also available on the desktop, for Mac OS X 10.9 and above, and for Windows 8 and above. Existing mobile WhatsApp versions work on Windows Phone, Blackberry, iOS and Android, among others.

The WhatsApp desktop application is still an extension of user's phone, like WhatsApp Web. The application mirrors messages and conversations from the user's mobile phone. It means that in order to have the mobile WhatsApp running on their phone, users need to first close their desktop app.

In order to log in to the desktop app, users need to use their WhatsApp mobile app first and scan a QR code. Once this step is done, all users' chats will load.

Among the benefits of using the desktop version of the application are included access to favorite keyboard shortcuts and desktop notifications, according to a WhatsApp blog post. Facebook's WhatsApp messaging application has more than 1 billion active users already. Now, with access to a desktop version, they have one more reason to use it more often.

According to ZDNet, the new desktop application can easily be synced with WhatsApp on a user's mobile device. The company also promised that WhatsApp will remain free of third-party ads.

Recently, WhatsApp was involved in a battle with telecom regulators in various countries across the world. Brazil's telecommunication companies sought to make WhatsApp illegal in the country, being particularly disgruntled by WhatsApp offering voice call functionality. South Africa's two largest telecoms, Vodacom and MTN, were pushing to make over the top services regulated.

At the start of the month, in Brazil a ban was placed on WhatsApp after Facebook failed to provide access to users' data to police involved in a criminal investigation. However, the ban was overturned just three days later.

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