New Instagram Logo 2016 Is A Blast Of Colors

Social media sharing app Instagram created a worldwide buzz when a new logo design was revealed just less than a day ago.

Although many fans and users of the popular app had lots (and almost immediately) of mixed reactions over its entirely different look, others believe that this colorful change would soon blow over, according to the NY Times. The new Instagram logo was a surprising revelation by the company, which gave photo sharing a whole new level since it came out. People from all walks of life, even celebrities, have shared and created fan bases (like selfies and all sorts of things) with the famous app.

Many users considered the new icon rather minimalist and basic in form, and had spewed out their unhappy reactions via Twitter (mostly). The original camera icon that helped propel the media sharing platform was replaced with a similar square image (made to still look like a camera), and in vibrant colors (to resemble a rainbow).

In a blog post, Instagram said that the new Instagram logo was a positive reflection of how the app grew with people loving it over half a decade already. That the photo-sharing app went from something that people just posted snaps with, into a dynamic flock of communities of varied interests, was considerably a milestone for the company.

The company also announced that the new Instagram logo was not alone and that it also introduced the new faces for its creative apps like Hyperlapse, Boomerang and Layout. The updated look, yet simpler design of these apps offer more room for its users to focus on videos as well as photos, without changes to how people navigate the service. As one Instagram avid user puts it, people may freak out over the bold move now but would be able to embrace the change, eventually.

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