Existence of 1,284 More Milky Way Planets, Scientists Confirm

By Logan , May 12, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

Researchers and scientists bang their heads for more discoveries. Almost every now and then, these groups of highly intellectual people work their might to find out if there is life beyond Earth. Astronomical studies have been conducted and the scientists have discovered planets, galaxies and constellations. Yet, no one has said that there is another habitable planet in the outer space.

However, just recently, scientists confirmed that there are more than a thousand planets in the Milky Way Galaxy. They said that there are 1,284 more planets, which are there beyond Earth, hence giving the higher possibility of having habitable planets.

According to a web post via Los Angeles Times, scientists confirmed the existence of 1,284 planets orbiting other stars in the galaxy. They have gathered the data from NASA's Kepler space telescope. It doubles more than the number of the validated planets discovered by the said space telescope to about 2,325. Scientists added that the discovery is super exciting because these planets lie around the habitable planet zones. Habitable zones mean the ring-shaped region around a star where temperature is just right for liquid water to remain stable.

According to BBC, NASA's Kepler telescope has discovered 100 Earth-sized planets. In addition, the space telescope discovered nine small planets within the habitable zone in which the condition is favorable of water and potentially life.

Dr. Natalie Batalha is the Kepler mission scientist at NASA. She added that these are within the closest distance --11 light years away. The validation of planets are explained here.

More often than not, these scientists have told the public about their discoveries. Whether there are habitable planets or none -- that remains a question. Surely, this quest is one of kind. It will surely bring encouragement to the people to be more Earth-loving individuals. These discoveries are really very amazing.

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