'Destiny' Update: Sequel Delayed; Bungie To Release More DLCs Instead

"Destiny" has won the hearts of many fans and gamers; thus, the game continues to be a hit. While some players are contented with updates and/or DLCs, others are simply craving for a sequel. Sadly, "Destiny 2" is reportedly delayed.

According to Crossmap, Bungie is set to release more downloadable contents this year. And while the company still sees it as a feasible direction, "Destiny" players have actually grown restless for a follow-up.

Bungie reportedly believes that the game's player base will somehow experience a notable erosion if they are to delay the "Destiny 2" development. However, they are confident that as long as they continue to release new "Destiny" DLCs, the company's overall growth will remain consistent in the long-run.

It holds true, though, that Bungie saw a massive accumulation when "The Taken King" expansion was released. In fact, many believe that if it were not for the success of the said DLC, "Destiny 2" would have long been a reality.

Express, on the other hand, reports that the new "Destiny" DLC is expected to arrive later this year, although the expansion remains to be unnamed as of this writing.

While players continue to anticipate the new expansion, Bungie reportedly plans to roll out a fresh update for the game's Recruitment form. It aims to help players who have since desired to join a Guardian teams.

It should be noted that gamers have been clamoring for its improvements for quite a while now. And yes, it looks like their wishes will be fulfilled in the weeks to come through "The Destiny Companion App."

While the app presents plenty of features, its major benefit is the support it will give, as it tends to help players acquire new allies as backups in combats.

Well, it seems "Destiny" has a number of treats for its fans in the days to come. But of course, it would be interesting to see what the game's sequel has to offer.

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