Gaming News: Microsoft To Make 1 Million Dormant Gamertags Available

Good news awaits Xbox Live users. Microsoft has recently decided to make more than 1 million dormant Gamertags available starting this Wednesday.

Gamertags, like Twitter usernames, have been popular since Xbox came into existence. Although many gamers have changed their tags to something interesting, yet not all players of Xbox have been that fortunate.

Hence, Larry Hyrb, Xbox Live PR chief has recently announced, "nearly 1 million previously used Xbox Live gamertags are going to be re-released" on Wednesday, on Twitter.  However, there is a catch for the re-released tags. The tags will be available only to Xbox Live Gold users who have "at least 1-year cumulative" subscription to Microsoft's pay-for service, reported The Verge.

Gamertags have always been free for creation and trending for quite some time. Additionally, Microsoft has previously released Xbox Live handles from dormant gamers back in 2011, which contained some innovative tags.

The tags will be available for a 24-hour period so that gamers all across the globe can have access to the Gamertags of their dreams.

Although the tags will be not published until Wednesday, yet Hyrb provided a hint to what the gamers can expect. He mentioned that gamers will be able to claim names which contain or reference "proper names, pop culture references, types of food, geography and travel, science and technology, math and numbers, animals, and some of the greatest inventions of all time," reported ARS Technica.

Notably, Xbox Live allows users one free Gamertag change in a lifetime. Any additional tag changes come with a fee of $10. So, the users who are trying to change their tags for the first time won't have to pay any additional fee.

Thus, it seems that eager gamers of Xbox will have to wait until Wednesday to even check if their favorite Gamertag is available on the market for use.

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