Apple iOS 9.3.2- It Is Not Meeting Users' Expectation?

By Logan , May 18, 2016 06:20 AM EDT

Apple has been so active on its updates and latest tweaks. In most cases, these updates have been so helpful and beneficial to the users. These updates have actually made connections to Apple devices seamless and easy. However, there will still be issues despite these updates. The latest update that Apple has provided is reportedly not satisfying the users -- especially to a specific Apple model.

According to a post via Fortune, Apple's latest iOS update -- the iOS 9.3.2 -- is killing the iPAD Pro. These claims come from the owners of the said Apple model. This goes to all iPad Pro owners and users.

The 'Error 56' immediately comes out right after updating the Apple model. This means that there is a hardware problem that the user needs to attach the iPad Pro to a computer that has a latest iTunes and try to check for issues and fix the problem there. However, there is no clear answer and solution to the problem yet. Other claims say that due to the update, it made the unit 'bricking.' It means that it is not working. The update is supposed to clear issues on a few glitches and bugs, but this issue surfaced and added more questionable effects.

According to Forbes, the big concern with iOS 9.3.2 is that it is bricking some Apple devices -- particularly the iPad Pro 9.7 version. As mentioned above, after updating, the unit shows 'Error 56' that no matter how many times the user restarts it, it still does not work.

As of now, there is no exact solution to the problem -- even no iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak. Additionally, bricking the device is the worst consequence to any updates being done. Again, these issues are claims from the iPad Pro 9.7 users only. Those who have iPhone SE and have updated the unit seem to not have issues because it worked for their units.

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