Apple Sent Two Senior Engineers To Fix Customer's iTunes Deletion Bug

By Logan , May 19, 2016 04:00 AM EDT

Apple is making its best to extend assistance to its users. It makes immediate response to whatever technical issues that need its expertise to solve such query. Of course, the company needs to help via updates and new releases of the units' patches so as to be downloaded and changed. However, in some cases, this does not able to do so. There is an issue about the deletion of an enormous number of music being deleted without the consent of the user that truly disturbed the person so much.

According to a post via Apple Insider, two senior engineers are sent to the customer's house just to look over and solve the unanswerable iTunes issues. Reportedly, James Pinkstone posted a blog about his unexplained iTunes music file deletion, which is 122GB of music. It was just a nightmare for Mr. Pinstone. That is why, Apple looked into it initially but unable to track the real cause.

The company speculated that it was about compatibility issues. To heed the call, Apple sent two senior engineers from California to Pinkstone's house in Atlanta, Georgia. These two engineers were able to help Pinkstone. They advised him to continue using the software. But still, Apple was not able to give the exact reason of Pinkstone's music file deletion issues.

According to The Verge, the two days of testing did not help to recreate the bug that had caused the deletion issue. It is reported that the once furious Pinkstone was appeased by the two professional engineers because they were amiable and professional. In short, he was charmed by these people despite losing gigabytes of hard-earned music files.

Apple is honest that it has no concrete solution yet to date but it ensured the customers that it will make a concerted effort to find one. Practically, it is clear in the case of Pinkstone that the company sent engineers miles and miles away just to address the issue.

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