Android N’s 7 Top Features

By Logan , May 21, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

The recent annual developer conference by Google has just announced more exciting and worth anticipating projects and gadgets in the long run. The once anticipated and waited features from the company's brilliant technological work have come to reality, and by that, people clamor for more and want these gadgets into their hands.

According to a web post via CNet, Android is the most popular Operating System in the world today. Android N will not only integrate Google's interactive assistant service but also better battery efficiency. Google revealed Android N's top seven features, which are most anticipated by the enthusiasts.

First, the new assistant software, the "Google Assistant," will let users engage in more natural back and forth dialogue with the Android device in order to make things done. Users can easily make a reservation through "OpenTable" or research in a restaurant.

Second, the users can access the Instant Apps. Access this and the user can pay with Android Pay instead of downloading it.

Third, the "Multiwindow" will now come to many Android devices, not only to some Samsung and LG phones. This means that the user can play videos and at the same time search the net all in the same screen.

Fourth, Google now will let users reply to text messages from the notification shade. When messages come in, alerts will pop up at the top of the screen and he/she can type the reply there.

Fifth, the developers will be able to group together the notifications from the app. The users will just tap the bundle of notifications to expand it and carry on with seeing the individual functions.

Sixth, though Android Marshmallow already has the "Doze" feature, the rest will have this as well. It has a battery saving settings that stop the background computing that kicks in when the phone is idle.

Last, the "Night Mode" will be of use so that it will reduce the eye strain from viewing a bright screen especially at night.

According to TechTimes, there will also be a VR mode named "Daydream." It will give access to contents from partner media companies like HBO, CNN, Netflix and NBA.

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