Total War: Warhammer Is As Epic As It Sounds But Should You Buy It?

By mikey b , May 23, 2016 04:40 AM EDT

The Total War franchise is, without a doubt, one of the most epic franchises out there. Huge battles with various factions fighting it out with cunning strategy and heroes in a turn-based format are just a couple of the selling points of the game. Its mashup with Warhammer in Total War: Warhammer is, quite simply, a match made in heaven.

Previous Total War games were firmly rooted in history. However, the magic and lore of Warhammer brings the game to a whole different level. With this game, the undead can be raised to aid your battles, and heroes can be sent in a fight to turn the tides.

Choose your faction. From the rigid Empire, to the unbreakable Dwarfs, the war-hungry Greenskins, and bloodthirsty Vampire Counts. The Warriors of Chaos can be unlocked by pre-purchasing the game.

The review by Game Spot is very encouraging as the game scored nine out of ten. Other reviews saying that some factions seem to be more developed aka look better than others. However, none feels incomplete or underdeveloped. However, on the strategic map level with more controls and real-time battles with more role-playing elements thrown in the mix, Total War: Warhammer is a winner. The addition of air units is also a first for Total War: Warhammer.

But the game is not perfect. A review by Metro says AI in the game is still glitchy. For instance, zooming out from the map will suddenly go on full overhead view—something quite annoying to a player of any skill level. It is hoped that future updates of this game will fix this issue, but it does by no means diminish the overall enjoyment of Total War: Warhammer.

All in all, Total War: Warhammer is perfect for fans of either franchise. Being able to animate Warhammer battles in the epic way Total War has always done is as entertaining as it sounds. If you have 16 minutes to spare, here are all Total War: Warhammer trailers:

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