Images Of Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Display Hit The Internet Before Official Release

By Victor Thomson , May 26, 2016 05:00 AM EDT

Images of the foldable display that is expected to come on the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy X have appeared online prior to Samsung's official announcement.

According to Android Headlines, the display divisions of LG and Samsung have plans to showcase some of their latest products in San Francisco, at the yearly SID Display Week 2016 trade show ending May 27.

The main focus of the show will be the companies' OLED displays, as expected. Both high-tech giants will present a variety of OLED display technologies and uses, ranging from screens designed for the automotive industry and virtual reality to curved and foldable/rollable panels.

For years already, LG and Samsung have been improving OLED display technology. For instance, ever since the first AMOLED panel entered mass production in 2007, Samsung is using its Super AMOLED panels for most of its products.

At SID's Display Week 2016, Samsung Display will showcase some of its latest display technologies, including a new rollable AMOLED display with a 0.3 mm profile, a mere 10-millimeter radius of curvature and a total weight of only 5 grams.

The company will also present its new 5.7-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1440. The display is expected to be used for one of the company's future flagship phones.

Bur prior to Samsung's official announcement, images of the Samsung Galaxy X foldable display have hit the Internet, according to Tech Times. Thanks to those images, we get a glimpse of what the foldable display looks like.

The rumor suggesting that the Galaxy X would feature a 4K foldable display has spread online not so long ago. Samsung's "future display technology" may be fitted in the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy X and could also be used for tablet PCs and TVs.

According to other rumors, Samsung is also designing a transparent screen, hologram technology that will allow projection of three-dimensional images and a reflective display that works akin to a mirror. It is speculated that the hologram technology will be used in an array of purposes, such as in playing 3D games and viewing pop-up books.

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