Internet Of Things Needs Data-Centric Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data form an ecosystem with expanded security risks. Experts believe that IoT needs more data-centric security.

According to ITWire, the Internet of Things will be composed of around 20 billion devices by 2020. Securing them is not an easy task. Many of those IoT devices are lacking of security standards as they are legacy, purpose-built gadgets.

All IoT devices, commercial or just consumer, are basically computers that connect to a network or cloud via the Internet. They could be targets for attacks of cyber criminals. Critical security challenges come from this new dependence on the cloud.

In this new context, some experts believe that the data integrity is what matters the most, especially in the case that some personally identifiable information is involved. This is the case of South Pacific's head of enterprise security products at Hewlett Packard, Shane Bellos. In his opinion, IoT needs to focus more on data-centric security.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Security Research estimates that the risk of data breach is high and around 70 percent of consumer IoT devices are vulnerable to attacks. In case of the IoT connected devices, to the data breach risk is added physical risk as well.

There are IoT devices that can control from a mobile phone a gas appliance, air conditioning, ventilating, heating, opening and closing the home door or even a medical device. An attacker that takes control on such IoT device can physically attack an individual from anywhere in the world.

In the IoT age everyone needs to be concerned about security. From the device to the big data platform, the answer to IoT security issues can be found in data-centric protection.

According to ZDNet, another expert, IoT Domain Lead at SAS Kevin Kalish, believes that organizations need to focus to the filtered data extracted from the "fog" -- the intermediate layer between the cloud and the IoT devices.

Kalish also believes that in the future, there will be sensors in every imaginable place. A smart world is going to dramatically change how an organization approaches innovation, as well as how it manages its day-to-day operations and how it connects to its customers.

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