ZenBook 3 vs 2016 Macbook: Apple Device Outclassed by New Asus Ultrabook?

The hype over Apple's 2016 Macbook died down when it didn't really meet the expectations of Apple fans who were looking to have an upgraded 12-inch laptop from the tech giant. Now, it appears that Asus has snatched the spotlight from Apple when it unveiled its latest ultrabook, the Zenbook 3.

Overall Build and Design

Designed to clash with Apple's ultra-thin and portable computer, the Zenbook 3 is larger yet lighter than the 2.45 pound-Macbook, as per PCMag

Borrowing the build and design elements of its predecessor, the Zenbook 3 is a thin slab of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 coating for protection. The aluminum alloy is what makes this ultrabook weigh a little less than 2 pounds and makes the device stand out in a sea of laptops sporting magnesium alloy.

Under the Hood

Comparing it side-by-side with the 2016 Macbook, the Zenbook 3 houses an Intel Core i7 processor, while the Macbook sports an Intel Skylake processor that is comparable to the either the Core i3 and Core i5 Intel processors, according to CNET.

The processor alone speaks volumes as to why the Zenbook 3 is snatching the 2016 Macbook's fame. However, the distinction of the new ultrabook does not end here. It also comes with hard drive options that go as high as 1TB PCIe x 4 SSD. On the other hand, the new Macbook comes with 512GB flash storage.

The RAM of the Zenbook 3 is also bigger. It comes with 16GB with 2133MHz of RAM, while the 2016 Macbook has 8GB with 1866MHz of RAM.

If there's one aspect where the 12.5-inch Zenbook 3 and the 12-inch Macbook are tie, it's the presence of a single USB Type-C port for connectivity of their peripherals.

Price Comparison

The base model Zenbook 3, which Asus unveiled during its Computex electronics show in Taiwan on May 31, costs $999, while its max-specced model sells for $1,999, as reported by The Verge. On the other hand, the 2016 Macbook is valued at $1,599 in the U.S.

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