'God Of War 4' Update: Sony Hires 50 Game Creators For Unknown Project

Less than two weeks from now, Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will commence. Hence, fans are anticipating if whether or not "God of War 4" will finally be unveiled by Sony during the said event. And with the recent talks about the game, it seems to be leaning toward a possibility.

One thing is for sure: "God of War 4" is coming, as announced by Sony and developer Santa Monica Studio last year. However, it is still worrisome, as neither of the company has revealed a release date for the game -- let alone any specific details about its gameplay and whatnots.

But it should bring hope to the fans, as Sony is reportedly looking for 50 game creators to work on a PlayStation 4 project. According to The Christian Times, the unnamed project could be, at long last, "God of War 4" in the making.

Just by looking at it, a quantity of 50 creators is quite huge for a project. But, in one way or another, this could only mean that a figure this big could mean a massive game. And if this is "God of War 4" indeed, then fans can expect greater things to come.

On the other hand, it has since been circulating online that Kratos will not be part of the fourth installment. Instead of the iconic Greek warrior, a new protagonist will be featured, according to News Everyday. It is believed that Thor, the Norse God of Thunder, will be the new face of "God of War 4" in the series.

Kratos has been the icon of the entire "God of War" franchise. An installment without him is completely unacceptable, at least for the fans. However, if Thor will indeed be the new protagonist, then Sony is really up to something very special.

This could fit well with the reports about the company hiring a huge number of creators to deliver an unnamed project. But of course, if this is how it is going to be, then there is that possibility that the game might not arrive anytime soon. Either way, "God of War 4" will prove to be massive hit once it arrives. After all, there have been so much hype that fans cannot eagerly wait to get hold of the game.

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