'Skylanders Imaginators' Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon: Top 5 Facts You Need to Know

By Jose Ramon , Jun 02, 2016 05:40 AM EDT

Ahead of its October 16 release, Activision's highly-anticipated video game, "Skylanders Imaginators," is now up for pre-order on Amazon. And in case you are still having second thoughts on pre-ordering a copy, here are a number of interesting things about the game that is sure to get you hyped up.

1. You Can Create Your Own Characters

That's right. The sixth installment in the "Skylanders" franchise is now giving you the power to design and create your own characters using Imaginite Creation Crystals.

Speaking with Time, game creator Toys for Bob CEO Paul Reiche said, "We'd just get tons and tons of letters from kids with their designs, and you just can't deny your fans. They tell you over and over 'We want to make characters.' And the right thing to do is what we did this year, which is give them the best tools we can to make cool Skylanders characters."

2. There's a New and Epic Adventure Waiting for You

As expected, "Skylanders Imaginators" will take you to a new adventure. However, it's not just going to be a different one from the previous installments, it will be the most difficult and most complicated one yet.

Reiche teased that the expansive world of "Skylanders Imaginators" will give players a delightful gaming experience while they navigate around it.

3. It Has an Interesting Storyline

While enjoying the new world of Skylanders, players are set to be more than engrossed to unravel and follow the pieces of the game's storyline that centers on the history of Skylands.

With the help of teachers called Senseis, players will better understand how Skylands came to be and know the dark side of the Skylanders' powers evolved.

4. You Can Play Using the Villains

If you want to walk on the wild side of things, then "Skylanders Imaginators" has just the thing for you. This iteration comes with playable villains, and Reiche confidently said that they did a good job in making the villains darker and edgier.

Speaking of the game's baddies, Reiche said, "With our Skylanders, we're a bit more restrained, because they're heroes. But with our villains, we gave ourselves permission to go off the ranch."

5. It Offers Real World Fun

You'd be glad to know that the makers of "Skylanders" have added an innovative feature to the game that will allow a number of players to 3D print their Skylanders characters.

Though details about this new service are yet to be announced, Reiche has already confirmed that some players will have the chance to print three-dimensional representations of their characters.

With all these exciting features, you will not have a difficult time in deciding if "Skylanders Imaginators" is worth buying. Simply head to Amazon to reserve a copy. My Nintendo News even suggests pre-ordering the game with Amazon Prime, so you can save 20 percent off of its $75 price tag.

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