'Pokémon' Rumors, News, Updates: Nintendo's 'Pokémon Sun And Moon' Sparks Controversy; Pokémon Users In Hong Kong Face Inequality?

By Alexa Parker , Jun 02, 2016 05:20 AM EDT

The day would not bode well for the Pokémon franchise as recent news and updates regarding the segment points to protests and threats. It appears that Nintendo's "Pokémon Sun and Moon" segment is sparking controversy owing to the protests occurring in Hong Kong due to inequality.

Toy giant Nintendo's newest edition of the video game, "Pokémon Sun and Moon" has been affirmed for release. However, there is a glitch since the game would only be for Mandarin language users. Owing to that, China's 60 million Cantonese speakers based primarily in Hong Kong will be affronted.

The Mandarin-only release marks a game-changer for a company that has previously released a variety of translations reflecting the linguistic diversity of China. And in response, protests have broken out in Hong Kong, reports The New York Daily News.

To showcase their dismay, the protesters utilized Pokémon's character symbol, which is Pikachu. The iconic yellow critter that shoots lightning bolts has surfaced as an emblem of their resistance.

If the game is released in Mandarin alone, Pikachu will be one of the most significant characters impacted, and the Cantonese speakers have long felt that their language is under siege by Mainland China, as noted by the same post. Despite the protest and controversy, Pokémon representatives remain tight-lipped on the matter.

On a different note, it is irrefutable that the Pokémon legacy is strong all across the globe and not just in China. For instance, one of Pokémon's beta leakage created a buzz in the gaming world, owing to the gamers' eagerness to play the epic world of the segment such as "Pokémon GO" or "Pokemon Universe," according to iTech Post.

If the crisis persists, it is unavoidable that Nintendo's "Pokémon Sun and Moon" controversy would continually influence the market, producing bad outcomes. And as long as protest for inequality surges, Pokémon's legacy might be threatened and ultimately face unprecedented issues.

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