'Overwatch' News: Blizzard Teases Cross-Platform Play

It might be possible for Playstation 4 owners to play "Overwatch" with or against Xbox One players soon.

As of the moment, cross-platform play for the PS4 and Xbox One is not offered by other games, according to Gamespot. However, Blizzard looks like it is considering cross-platform play for its newest first person shooter, based on a post on its official Twitter account.

Blizzard confirmed that it is "keeping an eye" on the possibility of bringing cross-platform play for consoles. If this does happen, then "Overwatch" will be the first game to allow PS4 and Xbox One owners to play together.

Cross-platform play with PS4 or Xbox One to PC, on the other hand, is an entirely different matter. Blizzard confirmed at Blizzcon last year that there are no plans to do cross-platform play for consoles and PCs. The game developer stated that PC players will have significant advantage over the console owners, with their mixed keyboard/mouse setup, compared to console controllers.

"From a gameplay standpoint, mouse and keyboard has a little bit of an advantage in terms of being able to spin really quickly," senior designer Jeremy Craig said. "And our game is pretty fast-paced. It just felt like there was a little bit too much of an advantage."

"It just seems like the console crowd is going to love playing against the console people; the PC people will love playing against PC people." Craig concluded.

Slashgear speculates that Blizzard might just be waiting for Sony and Microsoft to set their differences aside first, before agreeing to let PS4 players play with Xbox One owners. Psyonix is also gearing for cross-platform play for "Rocket League", but so far, only Microsoft is open to the idea of connecting Xbox Live to the Playstation Network, Gamespot revealed.

When asked if Sony is open for cross-network support, the company said,"We would be happy to have the conversation with any publishers or developers who are interested in cross platform play." The company did not make it clear, however, if it is accepting Microsoft's invitation to work together or not.

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