'Dead Rising 4' Leak: Remake To Release Exclusively On Xbox One and Windows 10 PC

"Dead Rising" rumors have been circulating for a while now and it looks like they might actually be true. The game is rumored to be fully funded by game giant Microsoft, which spells bad news for Playstation 4 owners. On the bright side, it might be available exclusively on the Xbox One and PC, according to WCCF Tech.

Gaming site ThisGenGaming reports that "Dead Rising 4" is currently under development at Capcom Vancouver. The site has also shown leaked photos of the game's poster, along with screencaps of the loading screen. There is also a screenshot showing the main protagonist in the game, journalist Frank West.

Frank West is the protagonist of the first "Dead Rising," and there are speculations that the next installment of the game will be a remake. Capcom Vancouver will reportedly be adding a four player co-op mode to the game and will possibly bring back characters from previous "Dead Rising" games like Chuck, Annie and Nick.

This information was supported by NeoGaf insider Ekim. "'Dead Rising 4' is a remake of DR1 durin Christmas time. 4 player coop. Not only the mall but also the surroundings probably," Ekim wrote on his Twitter page.

ThisGenGaming added that Capcom Vancouver will be using Unreal Engine 4 for "Dead Rising 4," instead of the engine that they made initially, in favor for a partnership with Epic Games. Meanwhile, Kotaku reports that the game is set to be revealed at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, possibly along with another zombie game, Undead Lab's "State of Decay 2".

These were all revealed on the NeoGaf Forums, with forum user Enter the Dragon Punch confirming that "State of Decay 2" will be an online zombie game.

More details about "Dead Rising 4" will surface as E3 looms near. If it does happen to be true, then Microsoft's E3 press conference will be full of zombie goodness. Fans will find out in a week's time.

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