MacBook Rumors, Airdate, News, Updates: Asus Is Now Apple's Doppelganger; Zenbook 3 Fails To Meet The Mark

Recent rumors, news and updates have revealed the possible undertakings that the Macbook might incorporate. It has been noted that Apple's Macbook has a new clone in the form of an Asus gear. Along that line, specs and features of the new Zenbook 3 have been rumored to hit the mark and the features that could outpower Macbook's presence in the market.

MacBook gears are still boding well in the market but the delayed update is causing the market to become unstable. Also, user demands is sky-high. However, the new gear released by Asus has just been named as the latest MacBook doppelganger.

According to Forbes, the ZenBook 3 is a physical clone of the 12-inch MacBook right down to the single USB Type C port. But Asus is also engaging in the usual one-upmanship, wherein the ZenBook 3 is just a hair thinner than the real deal and it has more key travel than the MacBook.

More features that makes the Zenbook 3 a doppelganger are the fingerprint reader, weighs in at 2 pounds but boasts a larger 12.5-inch screen and sports an "aerospace-grade aluminium" alloy chassis, as noted by the same post.

On a different note, Indian Express also mentioned of how the Macbook Pro segment would utilize OLED touch bar panel that will surely set the bar higher on all devices. This is also one of the reasons why many have projected that Asus' Zenbook 3 has failed to meet the mark in terms of surpassing the Macbook legacy.

Other striking resemblance of both the Macbook and Zenbook 3 is the standard Core i7 processor that also utilizes a fan. On a different note, there might be strong similarities of both devices but the prices are never the same. For one, the ZenBook 3 has a starting market price of $999 along with a 256GB of storage but the 12-inch MacBook is priced at $1,299.

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