Top 100 Pokemon Ranked in Japan: Greninja Wins Top Spot While Pikachu Comes in Fourth, Find Out Why

Pikachu is no longer the the people's favorite Pokemon, according to the recently concluded Pokemon Elections in Japan.

The poll, dubbed as The Pokemon General Election 720, has declared Ninja Pokemon Greninja (or Gekkouga as it is known in Japan) as Japan's most favorite Pokemon. Greninja is the final evolution of "Pokemon X & Y" starter Froakie, according to Anime News Network.

The results were aired on Japanese children's TV show "Oha Suta!" on Tuesday, and was also announced live via Line Live on the same day.

Endgadget reports that the famous yellow Pokemon did not even make it to the top three, with Legendary Pokemon Arceus and Mew occupying the second and third spots, in that order. Pikachu only ended up in fourth place.

The poll kicked off on April 15, and the preliminary results has already shown the top three Pokemon holding its positions for the lead. The poll closed on May 9.

Greninja's fame can be attributed to his numerous appearances in other games. The water/dark hybrid Pokemon has made an appearance as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. 4, and has proven to be a balanced character in the game.

The players who usually used Greninja began to notice that the Pokemon's moves got weaker after the 1.0.4 patch. The change has given birth to the meme "Better Nerf Greninja". It could be one of the reasons why the Ninja Pokemon has become famous, particularly among Smash players.

Endgadget also reported that Greninja's popularity can also be connected to its recently launched Amiibo.

The Top 20 Pokemon are as follows:

1. Greninja

2. Arceus

3. Mew

4. Pikachu

5. Sylveon

6. Genesect

7. Rayquaza

8. Zygarde (50% form shown)

9. Charizard

10. Meloetta (Aria form shown)

11. Mewtwo

12. Eevee

13. Jirachi

14. Darkrai

15. Lucario

16. Diancie

17. Hoopa

18. Keldeo

19. Victini

20. Manaphy

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